Quick Update: Lake Oconee Double Murder

Update on the Dermond Murder

This new update popped up a few days ago, and I wanted to share it. A few years ago, I did a write-up on this case. That was on my previous, less-user friendly web platform that I no longer use. I still have the article on my computer, but like a goofus I didn’t keep the list of sources I used. I like to be particular about that, which is why I’m not posting it now. Still, I’ve been following the case. Quick synopsis: an elderly couple were murdered in or near their Lake Oconee , Georgia, home. Russell Dermond (88) was found in his garage, decapitated. Because he had gun powder residue on the collar of his shirt, it’s been widely speculated that he was shot to death and his head was removed to prevent law enforcement from tracing the bullets and firearms. His head was never found, but it may have been disposed of in the lake where his wife Shirley (87) was found ten days later. Unlike her husband, Shirley had been beaten to death and her killer(s) had weighed her body with cinder blocks in an attempt to keep it from rising to the surface. The couple currently has three living children and nine grandchildren who want answers in this case. According to the article linked above, the FBI is analyzing cell phone data using methods that were unavailable when the crime occurred in May 2014. As far as I can tell, it’s unclear whose cell phone data is being examined–the couple’s, a person or persons of interest, or all of the above–but I am crossing my fingers that it leads to more information.

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